Hard Gainer – 5×5 Strength Workout Routine

So, you consider yourself a hardgainer right? you’ve tried everything under the sun but still not seeing the results you thought you were capable of. Well, if you’re really sure you’ve tried everything, then maybe you shouldn’t be reading this… as I’m sure you’ve already tried it… or maybe not!

Strength training is something is often overlooked by most of us, as we’re more focused on building large solid muscle. The problem is, without increasing the intensity of your workout each time you hit the gym, you’re not going to see any progression, and without progression, expect no results.

Strength training can provide a different type of intensity to your workout. Not necessarily one that will give you the burn you may be seeking, but one that allows you to consistently add poundage to the bar each and every time you hit the gym, and here’s how you do it…

5×5 Strength Training

Five-by-five strength training is a type of training that is well known and used world wide, not just by people looking to gain strength, but also professional bodybuilders looking to build a solid foundation for increasing muscle mass.

To start, pick an exercise with a weight that you’d normally perform 3 sets of 8 with. Once you have the chosen exercise and weight, perform 5 solid controlled reps with it. Repeat until you have performed all 5 sets. Once competed, you may not feel as worn out as the typical 3×8, 3×10 or 3×12 but trust me, this is a good thing.

Next time you perform the exercise, you should easily be able to increase the weight by 2.5kg. Training in this way should easily help you break through them plateaus!

Benefits of 5×5 Strength Training

There are many benefits to this types of training. To get the most from your workouts, I’d recommend picking 4-5 compound movements (multi joint exercises e.g bench press, squat, deadlift, shoulder press, pullups). This will help to make sure you’re really increasing the amount of natural GH (growth hormone) your body produces. By doing 3x full body workouts a week, you’ll be sure to put on lots of strength, and muscle mass, in a short period of time.

A Typical 5×5 Workout Routine:


Bench Press 5×5
Pull Up 5×5
Squat 5×5
DB Shoulder Press 5×5


Incline DB Press 5×5
Db Row 5×5
Deadlift 5×5
Upright Row 5×5


Dec Db Press 5×5
Lat Pulldown 5×5
Leg Press 5×5
BB Military Press 5×5

Dangers Of 5×5 – Overtraining!

Of course, your body can't produce these kind of results forever. Sooner or later you'll start noticing the results slowing down. This is because this type of training is quite taxing on your body.

If You Don't Rest, You'll Fail The Test! Take Rest Days.

If you plan on training everyday, then think again! This type of training is very taxing on the central nervous system. If you don't rest, you'll be forever on the downhill spiral!

Eat Properly

To benefit the most, you'll need to be eating in a calorie surplus. If you're unsure what this means, take a look at my 'How to gain weight' article.

If you're struggling to get your macros in, my simple 'homemade weight gainer shake' may help you.

Change it up to maximise results!

To prevent your body from entering a plateau, I'd recommend only using this type of training for around 6-8 weeks max! Once you have made some decent strength gains from full body 5×5 training, I'd recommend moving to a upper/lower body split (with higher rep ranges such as 3×10). This should give you're body time to rest, as well as using your newly found strength to lift a heavier weight than you could before… and this can only mean good things!