How to gain weight – count your macros!

You’ve probably landed on this page because you’re struggling to gain weight.
Hope is not lost, as I’m here to help you overcome your ongoing struggles!

You are about to learn how gaining weight isn’t as hard as you think, and it’s all down to three things… macros Macros MACROS! No. In all seriousness, the three things you should be counting are your protein, carbs and most importantly your calories. Fat also plays it’s role but I emphasize on the word calories purely down to the fact that this is the main factor that plays a huge role in whether you gain or lose weight, and here’s why…

The Maths

The Theory:
If I were to say the average male needs around 2500 calories a day to maintain his weight, 3000 to gain one pound of weight per week, and 2000 to lose one pound of weight per week, then gaining/losing weight (in theory) should be easy.

The Truth:
The fact is, every person has their own calorie intake to maintain, gain and lose weight – this is because a lot of factors are involved. These factors are things such as: daily activity, age, gender, height, metabolism, current weight, food quality (you don’t want any of that processed food nonsense!) and also genetics – you need to find out what works for you. To do that, you need Consistency and Patience. If you have these two things, you’re all set to carry on reading, where we can start to learn about how many calories (+ carbs and protein) you should be eating to gain weight.

The Tools

Online Macro Calculator
To start off with, you’re going to need a plan. A good place to start is by using an online macro calculator. A good online macro calculator can be found here:

Once you have input your details and desired goal (to gain weight), you should be given a ballpark figure on how much calories, protein, carbs and fatĀ  you should be aiming to intake on a daily basis.

Macro Tracker
Nowadays, most smartphones come with inbuilt health apps that will help you monitor your daily food intake. I personally use the Samsung Health app (sorry Apple fanboys!) although you can use an app available on any device, such as MyFitnessPal. These apps have a huge database of food which should help make your life easier.

Make it easy for yourself… Plan Ahead!
If you find yourself being lazy and not being bothered to track everything that goes into your body, you’re doing it wrong! To make things easy, make a week long meal plan for that you know you can stick to. To make it even easier, you can even eat the same food day in day out. Once you know what you’re having, you can pretty much calculate a each of the foods macros and have it ready for when you need to input it into your tracker.

The number one rule is to make sure you hit the macros outlined in the macro calculator day in day out… consistency is key!

Don’t stop there!

You will of course be weighing yourself each day, in the hope that you’ll be adding the pounds nice and easy. Once you have been consistent with the above for a couple of weeks, you will find one of two things; you are either the same weight, or you have gained weight. Here’s what to do in either situation…

I have gained a few pounds, how do I keep this up?
Believe it or not, the formula above will not last forever. Why is this you may ask? This is because the macros that you calculated to intake were based from your old skinnier self, meaning that they now longer work for the new bulkier you. Fortunately, the process above will work and if done correctly, you’ll just need to recalculate your new daily macros for the heavier you!

This isn’t working, should I just give up?
NO! if this is your attitude then you’ll get nowhere in life. Instead, take what you have learned from the above and try again. Ask yourself the following questions: did I do everything right? Was I consistent? If you believe you did, then the next step you should take is to add an extra 500 calories onto your daily intake of calories. Be consistent with this for a couple of weeks and I’m positive you should see results in no time!

Option 3 – I’ve given up
Okay okay, you’ve given up… but what if I told you there’s another trick that you may not have tried…
The homemade weight gainer shake